Welcome to Hananwill Financial Education Services a Financial Education Service designed to help you run your bankruptcy practice.

Beginning October 17, 2005, every individual debtor in a chapter 7 or 13 case must receive a Certificate of Completion from an approved Financial Education Course provider within 45 days of their first scheduled 341 meeting of creditors.

You can trust Hananwill Financial Education Services to get your clients over the basic procedural hurdle with as little disruption as possible to your practice, and to their lives.

Some features of Hananwill Financial Education Services:

  • Approved to offer Financial Education Courses and provide Certificates of Completion by the office of the United States Trustee in every Judicial District within its jurisdiction.
  • Comprehensive instructions and assistance for your clients during the course, minimizing the need for supervision by you.
  • $35 fee with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for joint debtors.

Ease of Use

We know as an attorney your time is valuable to you, that's why we have made every effort to make taking our course as easy as possible. You will be emailed your clients certificate upon their completion of the course. If you would like to sign up with us you can contact us at 866-544-5557.

Our Program

Hananwill's course gives its clients a very easy to use online counseling program, as well as contact with live, trained counselors. Our course has been developed by approved financial training providers. It is easy to follow, and easy to complete.

Your clients will first be guided through every step of the online counseling process with clear instructions. When your clients get done with the course you, the attorney, and your client will receive a copy of their certificate of completion.